Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Date to Remember

September 29th 2009 – a date to remember? We believe so.
For almost two decades we’ve been developing the concept of modern sailing cargo ships. In the same way a 19th century windmill evolved into a 21st century wind turbine we have long believed the same is true of sailing ships.
We have worked up detailed Business Plans and Feasibility studies over the years and no one ever found any significant impediment in either our technology or our commercial analysis. So why has it taken so long?
Increasingly we have (almost) all become acutely aware that climate change is the most important issue on our collective agenda. Without a planet upon which to live all other issues become meaningless. As we move towards the Climate Change talks in Copenhagen in December there is a heightened awareness of our collective responsibility to take global action.
After Kyoto the shipping industry was charged with making significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions but it failed to do so, citing the immense complexity of negotiation due to the international nature of the sector. We don’t underestimate how difficult it is to reach international agreement but we do recognise that we have no other option but to seek and find solutions to alleviate climate change. That’s what B9, as environmental entrepreneurs, are all about. It’s all too important to just throw our hands in the air and say, “Impossible!”
Shipping emissions are on the international agenda now and we have to find a way to reduce them come hell or high water – precisely what our species face if we fail.
B9 Ships offer a simple, straightforward solution for small coastal vessels based on bringing together proven technologies in innovative ways. Obviously 3000dwt vessels represent a relatively small section of international shipping but B9 Ships demonstrate that commitment and collaboration deliver results. And there are some 10 000 small coasters out there across the world – if each of them becomes a fossil fuel free B9 Ship we can only begin to estimate how many emissions will be saved – in fact that’s just the kind of thing B9ers like to do so check back and we’ll tell you!
We believe we are building the flagships for the low carbon future, a future where we explore and adopt fresh ways of working together bound by the common goal of reducing emissions.
  September 29th 2009, the day B9 Shipping project was formally announced and this website went live. And all of a sudden we’re powering ahead with support from all quarters and, at last, it feels like we’ve really got the wind in our sails.

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