Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The People's Liberation Front of Judea or Climate Week Launch

The Life of Brian - the movie - is packed with great scenes. One of the most searing is when the People's Liberation Front of Judea confronts the Judean People's Front. A scuffle breaks out and someone shouts, "Stop! - we must focus on the real enemy". Everyone stops and realises their mistake and with a simultaneous dawning they spontaneously combine to rally against Liberation Front for Judean People. "No, no, no" "The Romans, the Romans are the enemy".

We don't have the luxury of time for infighting. Climate change is real and now.

During Climate Week thousands of events are being held reaching out to supermarket shoppers, to breakfast cereal eaters, to schools and offices across the country. We'll only make meaningful progress when the majority are on board and we are nowhere near that goal yet.

Maybe Climate Week could have chosen more appropriate sponsors but I don't suppose there was much choice of funding offers available to them. The work that Kevin Steele and his team have started is essential and overdue. I applaud their work.

Doing what's best for the future is going to mean some very tough decisions and forming some unpalatable relationships. It has to be a Big Tent and we all have to squeeze in and offer what we can.

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